February 9, 2018

Tambour Door Colour Options

Hawk offer a range of colour finishes through all our products. Until now tambour storage units have only been offered with a choice of Silver or Grey tambour doors. In addition to these 2 colours, we are now offering all the colours shown below. There is no extra charge for quantities 5+, but an additional £25 net charge for quantities of 1-4.

Please get in touch with the sales team on 01430 861229 for more information.




January 17, 2018

Office Desk Accessories

New desktop power sockets and modules have been added to our extensive range of office desk accessories.

Cable port power modules sit neatly in an 80mm cable port hole and incorporate 1 power and 2 USB charging points. The stainless steel finish gives a fresh and modern feel to the office desk without taking up much needed desktop space.

Wireless Air chargers, that also sit neatly in a port hole, are available in a range of colours to complement your desktop finish. Supplying a smart charging point for mobile phones and tablets.

The old style Desktop power module has now been replaced with a new contemporary curved design that doesn't look out of place on your desktop. Supplied with 2 power, 2 data and 1 switch as standard.

All our office desk accessories can be supplied with different power and data configurations (additional charges may apply), please ask for more details.

Along with the new desktop power sockets, we have added brushed strip modules, great for wire management in boardroom and conference tables. Single or double stripped modules are available and can be factory fitted so all you have to do is slot them in place.

View our full desk accessories range here.

January 12, 2018

Pedestal Seat Pads

Seat Pads are now available for small mobile pedestals. 

A great addition to a busy office environment with limited seating space. Providing storage and a temporary chair, offering visitors a chance to rest their feet, or simply use for informal meetings with colleagues and associates - a great space saver. Castors fitted as standard provide mobility allowing the pedestal to be tucked away under the desktop when not required. The seat pads are available in a range of fabrics to compliment corporate colours and company design whilst fitted with comfortable foam for user satisfaction. A great accompaniment to bench desking.

View the full Hawk storage range here.

December 19, 2017

New Soft Seating For 2018

Brand New for 2018! An extensive range of contemporary chairs and soft seating. From operator chairs, to tub chairs, sofas and more.

Hawk's brand new seating range is full of style, choice and variety. Consisting of modern seating designs, comfortable high back chairs, and a number of colour options - The choice is yours to create exactly what your looking for.

All operator chairs are supplied with a black spider base, for added individuality, and height adjustable arms for user comfort. Upgraded options are of course available, along with matching visitor chairs. All at a competitive price with no compromise on quality.

Luxurious two and three seater sofas can be found amongst a range of breakout chairs and reception seating. Clever colour choices have been made to show them in full glory. Take a look here or get in touch for more details.

December 14, 2017

Introducing Classic Ash MFC Finish

Keeping up to date with the latest trends in office furniture design. We are pleased to announce the launch of another brand new MFC finish, Classic Ash. Available from January 2018 at no extra cost. Here at Hawk Furniture we pride ourselves on our extensive range of products and services. The addition of Classic Ash MFC totals a number of 14 finishes to choose from. All finishes are available on all office products and samples are available upon request. Get in touch for one of the NEW 2108 wood sample cards today showcasing all the current 14 MFC finish.

PLEASE NOTE - As of January 2018 Japanese Ash will be discontinued (see previous post)

View all MFC finishes here

November 9, 2017

Premium Standing Desk Controller

Take premium control of your adjustable desk with the new standing desk controller for Gravity and Kick and Click.

Incorporating a new design with light up digital display and Bluetooth integrated as standard - There's no need to order the additional Bluetooth dongle, this controller does it all. Function buttons are located just underneath the front of the controller so a slight tilt controls your standing desk height with ease. Light up functions can also be programmed alongside the desk control software to provide reminders its time to stand. But best of all, all these improvements incur no extra cost.

See the new standing desk controller in action or view our full height adjustable range here.

October 24, 2017

2018 Office Products Guide

Following a busy year with the development of numerous brand new office products, from collaboration tables to height adjustable desks and MFC colour finishes, we felt it was only right to bring to you an updated product guide. Bursting with a large range of products new and old, and incorporating a fresh new design. The new product guide is packed full of brand new images complementing the full Hawk range.

The 2018 product guide will be making its way to customer on deliveries throughout December 17. We aim to make sure every dealer has a copy, so if you haven't received yours please let us know. The vehicles will also have several boxes on board so if you need a copy, don't hesitate to let the driver know.

Due to the investments made throughout 2017 and the inevitable raw material increases, the 2018 price list will incorporate a 4% price increase to retail prices across the board. Orders placed in 2017 for delivery in 2018 will be honoured at current prices.

October 20, 2017

Gravity Dual Monitor Heavy Duty Screen

A heavy duty screen range is now available for the Gravity height adjustable bench. These robust toolbar screens are designed specifically for mounting multiple monitors.

More and more businesses are moving towards multi monitor workstations, and whilst the Infinite screens are perfect for hanging a single monitor and paper trays, they don't quite live up to the demands of todays extremely busy office environment. Have confidence in the strength and design of the new Gravity Heavy Duty Screen. Manufactured fully in house at our UK manufacturing plant, complete with a 4 slat tool rail and a large choice of fabrics. These dual monitor screens are easy to install, at 320mm high and non-pinnable.

October 18, 2017

Japanese Ash – Discontinued MFC Board

The time has come to say goodbye to what was once a very popular MFC board choice for office furniture. Unfortunately the Japanese Ash is now a very dated finish and the MFC board manufactures have decided to call it a day. As of January 2018 Japanese Ash will no longer be available.

Hawk carries a stock of all board colours so luckily we will be able to provide match-up jobs for a limited period, and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. For any new enquiries we would suggest offering the Maple finish as this is a similar colour but with a more popular and modern feel.

To view our full MFC range click here.

October 6, 2017

Metal Cable Tray for Gianni Tables

A great addition to the Gianni tables, a flip down metal cable tray has now been designed. The metal tray simply hooks onto the holes pre-drilled in the beams providing easy and convenient access to wires or power boxes. Compatible with both the poseur table and low tables, and available in a choice of 4 metalwork finishes to match the frame.

Poseur tables are becoming more and more common as a place for colleagues to gather and discuss ideas and projects. The addition of a metal cable tray allows storage for a number of wires and all important power  points. Colleagues can gain access to a power supply, where they can recharge their batteries or tackle the tasks at hand.

For more information on the Gianni Tables click here.