August 9, 2017

Quick Pull Release On Gravity Bench Systems

The Gravity height adjustable desks have been improved to now include a 'quick pull' release as standard. The spring-loaded finger pull mechanism simply pulls down allowing the top to slide forwards and backwards, giving even easier access to the cable tray.

Gravity Quick Pull Release  bench system, height adjutable bench,

Images above show the quick pull release in open and closed position, sitting neatly inside the frame to prevent interference whilst sitting at the desk.


August 8, 2017

Tower Pedestals

A range of tower pedestals have been designed to incorporate file storage into modern office design. These individual storage solutions consist of a pull-out shelving system ideal for hiding away day to day files. New to office storage, and available now, the tower pedestals are available at 3 different heights in a choice of  14 MFC colour finishes. The differing heights cleverly incorporate the height match of a desktop screen. If your looking for hassle free pedestal storage, the hidden runners and removal of the annoying castor found on most designs, make Hawk's a leading product!

For more information or images contact the sales team on 01430 861229.

August 8, 2017

Gianni A Picnic & Poseur Table Range

Our product development team have been busy designing a brand new range of meeting tables perfect for agile working environments. These tables are the ideal solution for creating informal meeting areas, or a destination for teams to collaborate and discuss ideas. With a range of sizes on offer and a choice of desk height or poseur table height (1050mm), you can be sure we have the right table for you. Incorporating a robust design and a choice of 14 MFC finishes and 4 frame finishes, the indoor picnic tables are ideal for even breakout or canteen areas.

Find out more here

COMING SOON- Integrated power and data options

July 20, 2017

Upgraded Press Brake

As a UK Office Furniture Manufacture, one of the things were proud of most is been able to manufacture products in house - and we'd like to shout about it!

From our on site state of the art powder-coating division, enabling all metal products to be coated in house. To a high power laser machine administering precise and accurately cut components. Then finally, the press brake! This machines churns out huge quantities of products/components every day, that's why we've decided to upgrade! Last month saw installation of a brand new press brake. This machine enables us to create components such as cable trays and beams by bending sheet and plate metal. Providing a reliable service and high quality products is one of the things we strive on here, so it was out with the old and in with the new!

July 19, 2017

Correct Height For An Electric Standing Desk

So you've taken the plunge and invested in an electric standing desk. The next step is to ensure your using your adjustable desk correctly ensuring optimum results. The aim is to improve health and reduce complaints caused from sedentary behaviour.

The general rule is simple and easy. Your office desk should generally be at elbow height. Place elbows 90 degrees from the floor and raise your standing workstation until your fingers gently touch the keyboard. This will ensure your not slumped over your desk or standing uncomfortably. The next step is to adjust your screen monitor, something most people forget but is just as important. Your eyes should be focusing on the top half of the screen.

Don't forget to take into account the height of your shoes. For example a woman wearing heels one day and flats the next will require 2 different height positions.

Struggling to get the correct height, take a look at this electric standing desk height calculator


July 17, 2017

Height Adjustable Mobile Pack

Offering power and mobility! The new mobile pack - available for single Gravity and Kick & Click height adjustable desks - includes 4 castors and a battery lasting 40 full cycles. Forget hot-desking, take your desk on the move with you.

View the full Height Adjustable range including Gravity and Kick & Click here .


July 17, 2017

New 18 tonne Lorries Assist With Furniture Delivery

Hawk have invested in 2 brand new 18 tonne lorries, helping assist with the ever-increasing sales experienced so far over 2017. Featuring a new logo and 8ft graphics you can visualise products larger than ever before. On the roads now, look out for one on your next office furniture delivery.

May 12, 2017

5 Reasons To Choose An Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable standing desks are the latest hype in office furniture design. Among a variety of office desks including bench systems, call centres, and universal workstations, what makes a height adjustable desk stand out from the crowd? Here's 5 reasons why:

1.Store Personal Height Settings

Programmable pre-sets on the desktop controller allow you to store a number of personal height settings. Reaching the correct height has never been so easy! A simple click of a button and your adjustable desk will adjust to the relevant height, whether its sitting or standing. No need to remember the best height for you, your adjustable standing desk will do all the work.

2.Burn Calories

Break up your day and include short regular intervals of standing into your daily routine. Standing has been shown to increase the heart rate, in turn burning more calories and regulating blood glucose levels. Desktop reminders are a great way to prompt you its time to stand, as its easy to forget when you've got your head in an important quote or proposal. Some adjustable standing desks, like our premium Gravity desk, offer additional desktop software providing the ability to set personal goals and targets. Simply enter the number of sessions and how many calories you'd like to burn per day.

3. Improve Health

Back pain is among one of the top common health complaints in office workers. Sitting down all day can have a negative effect on the natural curvature of the spine, as well as causing muscle fatigue and aches and pains due to compressed spinal discs. Regular standing intervals will prevent muscles becoming strained and kick start your metabolic rate. Burning calories will help reduce BMI scores and unhealthy cholesterol and blood pressure results.

4. Boost Creativity & Teamwork

Adjustable desks provide a great meeting point for colleagues to collaborate and discuss ideas. Our previous blog promotes the results of a study conducted showing users are more creative and engaged when it comes to discussing ideas, boosting teamwork and employee morale.

5. Incorporated Storage & Wire Management

Most standing desks are supplied complete with a cable tray (or are offered as an additional extra), that are perfect for hiding unsightly wires and additional power sockets. Premium versions may incorporate both upper and lower trays ideal for storing power banks or connection boxes. Toolbar screens are also a great addition providing a place to hang stationery trays and monitors freeing up much needed desk space, while incorporating colour and sophistication.

Choose an adjustable standing desk today and reep the benefits!

May 5, 2017

Cable Management for your Standing Workstation

Everyday necessities such as computers, printers and telephones create a problem all designers hate, unsightly wires, and a standing workstation is no exception! Longer wires enabling the desk to adjust from sitting to standing height require some clever cable management. Here's some simple yet effective ways to disguise trailing wires and leave your desk looking great!

Cable Trays

The first thing we think of when it comes to wire management. A great place to store away and hide wires and additional power modules. If you've opted for an executive standing workstation, like our very own Gravity desk, both an upper and lower cable tray is included, as well as wire harnesses to safely store wires trailing top to bottom.

Floor to Cable Tray Slinkys

A clever flexible tool used to camouflage wires running from power boxes in the floor to the lower cable tray.

Wire Snake

Similar to a wire harness, this effective tool moves with the height of the desktop, whilst effectively storing and hiding wires from the floor up.

Don't spoil the vision of your standing workstation and invest in some clever wire management to hide all those annoying wires!


April 27, 2017

Hawk Open Day at Alpha Office Furniture

Hawk were proud to attend an open day launched by long running dealer Alpha Office Furniture over in Belfast yesterday. The open day showcased some of Hawk's exciting new products (still to be launched), as well as some well known ranges. Products included the Gravity Sit Stand desk with Acrylic screen, the new Volt height adjustable and a prototype of the new poseur table range, among many more.

Thank you to all that attended, and big thank you to Alpha Office Furniture for organising a great day.

Watch this space for the launch of exciting new products coming soon!