Abandon your meeting chair in aid of a standing desk!

With detrimental links to bad health, sitting has been labelled as the new smoking, but standing at work and during meetings has been proven to boost creativity and teamwork. A study conducted by Washington University in St Louis found that standing during meetings not only improves productivity and quality, but also reduces any tendencies employees may have to be territorial about their ideas. Members of the study among the standing groups were found to be less protective, leading to improved team engagement and work quality.

Its easy to sit back and relax during meetings, but do you ever find that your mind easily wanders? Many of us can't resist the urge to doodle and day dream, but removing chairs from meeting rooms and replacing them with a standing desk keeps employees engaged as well as promoting a healthier more active lifestyle.

Switching from sitting to standing is a simple cost effective way of re-designing an office and incorporating new collaborative work areas.