Your new adjustable height desk has arrived! Time to take full advantage of its clever components and hide away those unsightly wires. Here's a few tips for setting up an adjustable height desk and ensure it fully looks the part.

So lets start from the base of your desk where power sockets begin.

Cable slinkys are a great way to run wires from power boxes in the floor, up into the lower cable tray of your premium height adjustable desk. The lower cable tray is a clever place to store and hide power banks or extension cables needed to supply much needed power points for day to day necessities such as PCs, chargers and printers.

Transferring your wires from the lower to the upper cable tray can be the tricky bit! No need to panic, a simple effective addition to your adjustable height desk is a wire harness. Simply push your wires inside, no fiddling involved! The harness will hold them in place and prevent unsightly wires dangling from top to bottom.

Now for the upper cable tray where the power box to your adjustable desk is stored. Simple yet effective sticky tabs inside the cable tray will hold the wires firmly in place and prevent them dropping out when the tray is lowered (shown in the image for this post). The wire from here that feeds the controller can also be held to the desk by these tabs.

You have a premium height adjustable desk that acts the part, ensure it looks the part and gets all your pals talking!