Adjustable standing desks are the latest hype in office furniture design. Among a variety of office desks including bench systems, call centres, and universal workstations, what makes a height adjustable desk stand out from the crowd? Here's 5 reasons why:

1.Store Personal Height Settings

Programmable pre-sets on the desktop controller allow you to store a number of personal height settings. Reaching the correct height has never been so easy! A simple click of a button and your adjustable desk will adjust to the relevant height, whether its sitting or standing. No need to remember the best height for you, your adjustable standing desk will do all the work.

2.Burn Calories

Break up your day and include short regular intervals of standing into your daily routine. Standing has been shown to increase the heart rate, in turn burning more calories and regulating blood glucose levels. Desktop reminders are a great way to prompt you its time to stand, as its easy to forget when you've got your head in an important quote or proposal. Some adjustable standing desks, like our premium Gravity desk, offer additional desktop software providing the ability to set personal goals and targets. Simply enter the number of sessions and how many calories you'd like to burn per day.

3. Improve Health

Back pain is among one of the top common health complaints in office workers. Sitting down all day can have a negative effect on the natural curvature of the spine, as well as causing muscle fatigue and aches and pains due to compressed spinal discs. Regular standing intervals will prevent muscles becoming strained and kick start your metabolic rate. Burning calories will help reduce BMI scores and unhealthy cholesterol and blood pressure results.

4. Boost Creativity & Teamwork

Adjustable desks provide a great meeting point for colleagues to collaborate and discuss ideas. Our previous blog promotes the results of a study conducted showing users are more creative and engaged when it comes to discussing ideas, boosting teamwork and employee morale.

5. Incorporated Storage & Wire Management

Most standing desks are supplied complete with a cable tray (or are offered as an additional extra), that are perfect for hiding unsightly wires and additional power sockets. Premium versions may incorporate both upper and lower trays ideal for storing power banks or connection boxes. Toolbar screens are also a great addition providing a place to hang stationery trays and monitors freeing up much needed desk space, while incorporating colour and sophistication.

Choose an adjustable standing desk today and reep the benefits!