March 13, 2017

Sit Stand Workstation – What to remember when ordering yours

So you've decided on the right sit stand workstation for you. What's next?

There are a large number of accessories available for standing desks, from toolbar screens to desk control software and premium controllers, all additions to the purchase of your desk. To ensure you get the most out of your brand new sit stand workstation, here are a few tips on what to remember when ordering.

Screen Dividers

With standing desk suppliers offering the choice of either a shared central dividing screen or individual toolbar screens, its easy to forget that 2 screens may be required upon the purchase of a double configuration. Individual toolbar screens move independently with each desk, as well as providing extra storage and freeing up desk space.

Premium Controllers

Included in the price of your sit stand workstation is a standard controller. This provides up and down functions only and does not include memory pre-sets. If you would like to store your personal height settings and reach them at a click of a button, premium controllers are a great additional purchase.

Wire Management

To ensure your desk looks picture perfect, cable management accessories such as wire snakes and slinkys are a perfect addition to hide wires and provide a sleek, professional finish.

As a UK office furniture manufacture, here at Hawk Furniture we can supply all your standing desk needs.

March 7, 2017

New Homag Beam Saw

As a leading UK furniture manufacture, here at Hawk Furniture we always strive to provide exceptional service and a reliable product. Due to continued growth, February saw the first steps of the installation of a brand new Homag beam saw. This top of the range through-feed saw cuts quicker and more precisely allowing us to continue improving our services.

March 6, 2017

Standing Desks Improve Productivity In Meeting Rooms

Abandon your meeting chair in aid of a standing desk!

With detrimental links to bad health, sitting has been labelled as the new smoking, but standing at work and during meetings has been proven to boost creativity and teamwork. A study conducted by Washington University in St Louis found that standing during meetings not only improves productivity and quality, but also reduces any tendencies employees may have to be territorial about their ideas. Members of the study among the standing groups were found to be less protective, leading to improved team engagement and work quality.

Its easy to sit back and relax during meetings, but do you ever find that your mind easily wanders? Many of us can't resist the urge to doodle and day dream, but removing chairs from meeting rooms and replacing them with a standing desk keeps employees engaged as well as promoting a healthier more active lifestyle.

Switching from sitting to standing is a simple cost effective way of re-designing an office and incorporating new collaborative work areas.


March 3, 2017

Linking Desktop Screen

The design of 4 way linking desktop screens have been improved. This brand new linking cap improves overall appearance creating a tidier more effective finish. Budget linking screens are now being supplied as standard- for no extra cost!

February 20, 2017

Evolution Cable Tray

After listening to customers feedback, the Evolution cable tray has been made bigger, with the removal of the slanted section (shown in the image with large holes). This gives more room for cables and plug sockets.

February 17, 2017

Gianni Inset Screens

Inset desk screens are a great way to provide privacy into the workspace, without the need for the isolating dividing wall between employees. Inset desk screens provide the option for communication when needed and look great!

Simply add 'IS' onto the end of your standard Gianni code and we will do the rest! Supplying you with inset screens and a scalloped top.


February 8, 2017

Adjustable Mobile CPU Holder

The new mobile CPU holder offers a sleek, contemporary design and robust finish. Complete with adjustable arms, the CPU holder is capable of accepting any size CPU tower. Simply alter the arms to the required size and fix into place. Foam pads to the base and sides provide protection from damage while castors provide mobility. Easy to install, the perfect desk accessory!

Available in all standard metal work finishes; silver, grey, black or white, ideal for complementing any metal leg design.

February 7, 2017

Renovated Office Furniture Showroom

Struggling to visualise the finished product? Give your customers the chance to see for themselves the quality of all our office furniture products and invite them along to our office furniture showroom.

The Hawk Office Furniture showroom has recently been renovated and includes all products new and old, including the New Volt Electric Height Adjustable desk, Improved Side Filer and the Infinite Screen Range. With dedicated areas for Bench Desking, the full Height Adjustable range, and a brand new section for Residential and Bedroom Furniture, stop by and take a look.

All the Hawk offices are working showrooms, giving you the perfect chance to see how well our products survive on a daily basis, and view our wide selection of colour finishes as no office is identical.

The showroom is open Monday to Friday with no need to make an appointment. Our helpful staff are on hand to assist with any enquiries.

February 7, 2017

Budget Standing Desk – Creating A Healthy Office On A Budget

Creating a healthy office and environment doesn't have to cost the earth, and you can reap the benefits too! Linked to heart disease and other health complaints, research shows our sedentary lifestyle is doing more harm than good. Introducing a budget standing desk into your office design will prevent the effects prolonged sitting can cause, as well as increasing staff productivity and morale.

Spoilt for choice, there are numerous variants of adjustable desks available within the office furniture industry. From cheap single motor desks to premium height adjustable desks capable of memory presents and providing reminders based on individual goals and targets. But when budgets are involved, we want something that doesn't break the bank.

When we hear cheap, we automatically think poor quality and design, but this isn’t the case with the new Volt electric height adjustable desk. Teamed with a 5 year guarantee, digital display and competitive prices, this budget standing desk won’t break the bank and will stand the test of time.

Short, regular intervals of standing increases blood flow and metabolic rate creating happier, healthier, more energised staff. Creating a healthy office doesn't have to be expensive!


February 3, 2017

Infinite Screen Dividers – The New Range That Does Everything!

Providing you with an infinite range of screen dividers. Competitively priced, offering a range of options.

Compatible with all desk and benching ranges, except Evolution, the new Infinite screen dividers are a perfect way to incorporate style and sophistication into any office, without breaking the bank! Available with a number of options including:


Acrylic panels

Toolbar system

Pinnable options

All non toolbar screens are supplied as standard with a single tool rail, perfect for hanging paper trays and pen pots.

The aluminium surround is available in white or silver providing a robust finish, and with 6 acrylic options to choose from these screens are the perfect accompaniment to any office.