Following a busy year with the development of numerous brand new office products, from collaboration tables to height adjustable desks and MFC colour finishes, we felt it was only right to bring to you an updated product guide. Bursting with a large range of products new and old, and incorporating a fresh new design. The new product guide is packed full of brand new images complementing the full Hawk range.

The 2018 product guide will be making its way to customer on deliveries throughout December 17. We aim to make sure every dealer has a copy, so if you haven't received yours please let us know. The vehicles will also have several boxes on board so if you need a copy, don't hesitate to let the driver know.

Due to the investments made throughout 2017 and the inevitable raw material increases, the 2018 price list will incorporate a 4% price increase to retail prices across the board. Orders placed in 2017 for delivery in 2018 will be honoured at current prices.