It's finally here, the new height adjustable bench desk!

After months of development, March 2016 will see the release of the Gravity height adjustable bench desk. No other bench system in the UK offers such a complete package in one desk; from sliding tops to fold-down cable trays, premium digital controllers to anti-collision mechanisms - the Gravity electric height adjustable bench desk is a no-compromise premium solution offering lifestyle benefits to office workers and home users all over the world.

With such a refined piece of furniture we couldn't use just any old mechanism, and that's why we teamed up with LINAK - world-renowned manufacturers of actuators based in Denmark. Offering height adjustment from 680mm to 1280mm with a movement speed of 38mm/s, available with a frame colour of White, Black and Silver (RAL 9006). Single desks also available, all desks available in 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm & 1800mm widths.

Information on the LINAK actuators:

The DL17 column sets the standards for inline columns. The compact square shaped column was developed to fulfil the market requirements for a low built-in dimension and at the same time a long stroke length.

From a design perspective, the DL17 lifts a contemporary desk design with its very small steps between the profiles and invisible gliding pads.

The column was designed for desks without crossbar ensuring more leg space and more design possibilities.

As standard, the DL17 features PIEZO™ – an integrated sensor minimising the risk for damages on a desk caused by squeezing or blocking of obstacles in up or down direction.

The DL17 is developed without PVC, which is an environmental advantage. The column comes standard with black, silver-grey or white profiles or simply in a customised colour (optional).

The DL17 is compatible with all DESKLINE® control boxes and controls – simply just plug & play.

  • Stroke length: 660 mm
  • Built-in dim.: 518 mm or 545 mm
  • PVC-free as standard
  • PIEZO™ as standard