Everyday necessities such as computers, printers and telephones create a problem all designers hate, unsightly wires, and a standing workstation is no exception! Longer wires enabling the desk to adjust from sitting to standing height require some clever cable management. Here's some simple yet effective ways to disguise trailing wires and leave your desk looking great!

Cable Trays

The first thing we think of when it comes to wire management. A great place to store away and hide wires and additional power modules. If you've opted for an executive standing workstation, like our very own Gravity desk, both an upper and lower cable tray is included, as well as wire harnesses to safely store wires trailing top to bottom.

Floor to Cable Tray Slinkys

A clever flexible tool used to camouflage wires running from power boxes in the floor to the lower cable tray.

Wire Snake

Similar to a wire harness, this effective tool moves with the height of the desktop, whilst effectively storing and hiding wires from the floor up.

Don't spoil the vision of your standing workstation and invest in some clever wire management to hide all those annoying wires!