Office Design Trends For 2017

30, January 2017

Office design is gradually evolving and changing year after year. Creating a well-designed office space is paramount to any business large or small. With a varied range of design trends to decide between, here’s what to look out for in 2017.


Sit stand desks were at the height of office design in 2016 and are set to stay as part of 2017 trends. Providing flexible working areas and increased employee productivity, standing desks are the perfect addition to any office design. With a varied height range, these standing desks create the perfect meeting point and collaborative work areas. Allowing employees the choice to stand whilst they work improves employee health, morale and introduces agile working.


From soft seating to furniture pods and poseur tables, collaboration is key. Providing a relaxed, comfortable meeting area is essential for any office. Media walls teamed with high benching or comfy sofas create a relaxed vibe, perfect for getting everyone together to discuss ideas and projects. Great for collaboration and improved aesthetics, poseur tables are a key feature in office design for 2017, a meeting table with a twist.

Individual Storage

The introduction of collaborative work areas and agile working has led to limited space for office storage. Shared storage with individual spaces and lockers are now a more common sight among office design. Not just for functional purposes, storage units are also been used as room dividers in open plan offices – some with the addition of soft seating pads.

Create an office that lasts with the latest office design trends for 2017.


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