British Office Furniture Manufacturers Do It Best

19, January 2017

Office refurbishment and fit out can be a long and drawn out process. With lots of decisions to make and a number of office furniture manufactures to pour over, do it with confidence and choose a British manufacturer.

Have confidence knowing your office furniture manufacture is easily contactable and just a phone call away. Maximise your input through the office design process with regular face to face meetings and discussions to decide what’s right for you, something you wouldn’t get if you bought abroad!

Ensure you get the office furniture to suit your organisation from functionality and style to quality and cost by visiting a UK showroom and viewing the product in person. Office furniture manufactures in the UK provide customers with the chance to view a large range of products in detail and decide exactly what’s required, by simply visiting one of their UK showrooms. It’s hard to envisage a product from a website image or brochure, something only European suppliers can offer.

Product guarantee is an important factor to take into consideration during your office fit out, you want to be sure your investment will stand the test of time. Purchasing from a UK office furniture manufacture you have nothing to worry about. Compared to a one off transaction made to a foreign company that may have questionable credentials, British manufactures are held fully accountable for their office product and service and need to maintain a high standard for repeat business and reputation.

Things can go wrong from time to time due to wear and tear, but with a substantial guarantee there’s no need to worry. Most office furniture manufactures offer an installation and fitter service so you can be sure all your products are installed professionally and correctly.

Hawk Office Furniture are a UK office furniture manufacturer based in the heart of East Yorkshire. A family run business producing 95% of all products in house, with a 10 year guarantee and fastidious service. We can tailor any office to suit your needs and provide a delivery and installation service.


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