Standing – Are you using your Standing Desk correctly?

29, November 2016

Standing has been shown to promote productivity and creativity in the workplace. Introduce a standing desk into any office or meeting area and reap the benefits.

The versatility and effectiveness of a sit stand desk allows them to be used in a number of ways. From providing effective communication points in collaborative meeting areas, to simply providing height adjustment to employees throughout the office. Linked to health benefits and weight loss, standing desks have increased in popularity over the last 12 months. Of course, all this is only possible if they are used correctly.

Read our top tips to ensure your getting optimum usage from you’re standing desk.


Correct Height

It is important to ensure you are standing at the correct height. Your desk should be at or slightly below elbow height. This means your arms should be positioned at a 90 degree angle from the floor. The correct desk height prevents health complaints such as back pain and muscle fatigue leaning and incorrect posture can cause. Some height adjustable desks have programmable functions allowing you to store personal height settings, abling you to reach them quickly and easily at the click of a button.


Correct Posture

Establishing the correct height is an important element to gaining a healthy standing posture. It’s so easy to stand with your legs crossed and your hip buckled, but this puts pressure on the neck and spine. Feet should be hip width apart, and knees should be slightly bent. It’s a good idea to shift your weight regularly from each foot to increase comfort and prevent straining.


Short Intervals

Don’t replace prolonged sitting with prolonged standing. Prolonged standing is just as harmful, try to include a variation. The aim is to stand for a recommended 2 hours per day, this is equivalent to 15 minutes per hour. The process from sitting to standing should be made gradually, giving your body chance to adapt to the posture change.




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