Standing Desks – The latest Edition to Office Furniture Design

16, November 2016

Standing desks have been a big thing for office furniture over the last few years and are becoming increasingly valued in the workplace. Office furniture trends change so often it’s hard to keep on track, and with the advancement of technology there are more and more options been developed.

When PCs were first introduced back in the 1970s, the need for large corner desks in the office were an essential to hold the old style bulky CRT monitors, and still allow enough workspace. Narrower and slimmer monitors were then designed which aided towards less space been required, quickly followed by laptops and tablets. This advancement has led to improved aesthetics in office furniture design resulting in the launch of bench desking and standing desks. Bench systems incorporate shared legs and components which allows for large uninterrupted work areas, team flexibility and reduced costs. An integrated toolbar screens on some benching allows the user to mount multiple monitors and accessories, freeing up desk space.

Technology is advancing quicker than ever before and the latest standing desks to hit the market show perfectly how technology has influenced the development of office desk design. Packed with heaps of features from electric height adjustment, anti-collision software, and Bluetooth connectivity enabling you to control the height of the desk via your smartphone, these desks are an intelligent advancement. Not only providing a smart addition to any office, they also provide excellent health benefits, increasing the metabolic rate and the amount of calories burnt each day.

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