Tackle Childhood Obesity With A Stand Up Desk

18, October 2016

Increase classroom activity with a Stand Up Desk. Childhood obesity is an on-going problem, and with 1 in 10 children classed as been obese or overweight it proves they are simply not getting enough exercise.

The majority of a child’s daily life is spent studying in a classroom where they are encouraged to sit and work at a static desk. This sedentary behaviour teamed with hours on games consoles and an unhealthy diet is a harmful combination.

Introducing a stand up desk into classrooms will increase the percentage of individual activity each day and promote an active lifestyle. Allowing pupils to stand up for short intervals will reduce fatigue; improve productivity and increase the metabolic rate. Research shows that stand up desks burn more calories, as standing increases the heart rate which burns an extra 50 calories per hour.

Obesity related ill-health costs the NHS millions every year. In an aim to combat this issue the government have discussed introducing a soft drinks levy. This won’t stop the consumption of sugary drinks or unhealthy lifestyles, what we really need to do is get Britain on the move with a stand up desk.


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