Tips for Sit Stand Desk Users

21, September 2016

Sit stand desks are at the height of the office furniture industry. Providing health benefits and improving staff productivity, these desks are a vital necessity to the modern day office. Allow yourself to learn more and improve your experience by following helpful tips and guidelines.

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Adapt the Correct Posture – Don’t stand to attention. Allow your body to move when it needs by standing at ease.

Choose Supportive Shoes – The shoes you wear will have a significant effect on how comfortable you are standing for frequent periods. Try to avoid high heeled shoes and choose a pair that gives enough support to get you through your working day.

Set Prompts and Reminders– Some sit stand desks incorporate intelligent software allowing you to programme individual goals and targets. This software will provide prompts when its time to stand. Alternatively, set outlook or desktop reminders to ensure regular adjustment.

Stand and Talk – Stand up to take telephone calls and have discussions with colleagues.

Ensure Correct Desk Height – It is important to ensure you are working at the correct desk height. Your sit stand desk should be at or slightly below elbow level for both sitting and standing.

Anti-fatigue Floor Mats – Most offices are built with hard flooring (even if they are carpet covered), anti-fatigue floor mats are a great addition for comfort. The cushiness of the mat keeps you slightly off balance making you contract your calf and shin muscles.


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