Reminders to Stand – Sit Stand Desks

30, September 2016

Sit stand desks are here to get Britain standing! The aim of a standing desk is to gradually get users that sit all day to begin introducing regular standing intervals into their daily routine. However, its hard to remember to stand when you’ve spent most of your working life spent sat on an office chair, so what can we do to ensure we remember?

Install Desktop Reminders to Stand

Available for certain ranges of sit stand desking, clever desktop software and apps provide regular prompts and reminders to stand. These prompts are based on individual goals and targets set by you. Simply enter your desk height, weight and how many calories you’d like to burn and watch as the countdown begins. You can view and amend your targets easily via the simple viewing box shown on your desktop.

More than just Reminders to Stand

Desktop software allows you to store a number of pre-sets for desktop heights suitable for you. Get the correct height at just the click of a button. As well as the controller, the software also allows you to adjust the height direct from your computer screen.

Get standing with a sit stand desk today and install desktop reminders to stand – transform your health for the better!


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