Kick & Click – Mid-Range Height Adjustable Desking

23, September 2016

Mid-range height adjustable desking offering a cheaper access to a premium desk.

The Kick & Click desk is our brand new mid-range height adjustable desking. Incorporating world renowned LINAK actuators this adjustable desk gives the cheapest access to a premium lifting column. These world renowned actuators ensure the desk is strong and reliable with a 38mm/s movement speed and height adjustment from 705-1205mm.

Reduce installation time by half

So your wondering where it gets its name from? A tool-less design means components are simply mounted together and gently ‘kicked’ (or pushed) into place. Each component will make a ‘click’ sound to let you know its ready. Requiring only 6 screws that are used for fixing the desktop in place, this click together design will reduce installation time by half! Take a look at this Kick & Click assembly video .

Available as single desks only starting in widths of 1400-1800mm and depths of 600 or 800mm.

Metalwork on these desks is available in silver only.

• ZERO™ technology. Standby power consumption is reduced from 1-2 watts (typical electric desk) to just 0.1W.
• PVC free. For health reasons and for the sake of the environment the LINAK actuators are PVC-free as standard making them more environmentally friendly than their predecessors.
• Storage and cover for unsightly wires. Clever ducts in the frame allow the wires to be easily tucked into place –no need for fiddly clips and tools.

To show how reliable and trustworthy these desks are we offer a 10 year guarantee on all wooden and metal parts, 5 years on actuator/electrical components.


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