What Makes A Good Height Adjustable Desk

26, August 2016

Height adjustable desks are increasingly popular now more than ever, with hundreds of different designs and ranges in the office furniture industry today. The present office furniture market offers height adjustable desks in all shapes and sizes, from basic designs comprising of just a top and leg frame, to the more advanced versions incorporating wire management, screens and intelligent computer software.

It’s easy to get flustered and confused when faced with hundreds of height adjustable desks to pick through, whether you’re looking for a basic or premium adjustable desk here’s a few features to consider:

Reliable Mechanism

This is the most important part of your desk and should be one of the first things you look at. The mechanism is responsible for lifting and lowering the desktop surface and all the components upon it. Therefore, it should be reliable, stable and strong- providing a decent load capacity.


Movement Speed

Your adjustable desk should move quickly and quietly from standing height to sitting height, helping you complete regular important standing intervals.


Large Range Of Adjustment

To accommodate as many people as possible your desk should be available in a range of all different sizes. Having a large variation of heights and widths will provide comfortable work spaces suitable for the individual, as well as aiding towards accommodating small office spaces or large desk hungry layouts.


Intelligent Technology

To help improve your health and well-being some ranges offer desktop and mobile app control software. The most intelligent software will store your personal goals and height settings allowing you to switch from sitting to standing at the click of a button. Regular prompts to stand will not only improve health but will help shift stubborn calories.


Cable Management

Whether these are supplied as part of the desk or optional extras, cable trays and wire management are important to help hide, disguise and store important computer wires.


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