Don’t Replace Prolonged Sitting With Prolonged Standing

18, August 2016

Height adjustable desks have resulted in confusion among some people. They are not intended for prolonged sitting nor standing all day. Misconceptions have lead to people believing you should replace sitting with standing, this is not the case.

The aim is to gradually transform your inactivity at work by including regular intervals of standing into your daily routine. The process from sitting to standing should be made gradually, allowing your body to adapt to the posture change. It is recommended that desk users should progress towards 2 hours of standing per day. Divided into sections this is only 15 minute intervals per hour.

The effects of prolonged standing can be just as harmful as sitting at your office desk all day, which is why sit stand desks need to be used correctly. Prolonged standing can lead to aching muscles, feet problems, varicose veins and lower limb swelling, among many more.

Sit stand desks are there to improve health and productivity in the work force. Used correctly they can have a huge benefit on your health and well-being. Standing forces your body to work against gravity and keeps those skeletal muscle’s strong. The enzymes in your body will work harder to help break down fat, meaning you will burn up to 50 more calories per hour. Move a little, lose a lot!





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