What To Consider With Your Sit Stand Desk

20, May 2016

Sitting has been labelled as the new smoking but standing all day can be just as bad for you if you aren’t doing it correctly. Reports show that sit stand desking is on the up with more and more companies introducing them into the workplace. Here are a few tips on what to consider and how to get the most out of your sit stand desk.

Don’t Jump In

Allow your body and muscles to gradually adapt to the new motion and posture over time by increasing your standing periods incrementally, week by week.

Harmful Leaning

Your sit stand desk should effectively change your posture. Preventing you from been slouched forward in a chair to stood in a better upright spinal position. A common bad habit with some people and these desks is leaning. Standing with your arms leant on the desk, crossed legs or buckling your hip puts more pressure on the joints in your spine and neck. Feet should be hip width apart and for extra exercise try to avoid locking your knees and make your leg muscles work harder.

Control Software

Some of the more advanced sit stand desks offer optional extras such as software for your PC or mobile phone. This software allows you to programme a sitting and standing height that is suitable and comfortable for the individual. It will also memorise these, making it easy to switch from sitting to standing height at the click of a button. This is so simple to do and saves so much time in trying to get it to the correct height.

Commands & Prompts

Although PC software is an optional extra it is considered a no brainer for some people as it helps burn calories by sending prompts on when to stand up and how long to do it. Enter a few details such as your height, weight and how many calories you want to burn and away you go.

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