Increasing Demand for Bench Desking

26, February 2016

Gone are the days of old fashioned offices with endless maze-like corridors and pokey rooms. In 2016 more and more businesses are opting for bright open plan spaces, and due to this our choice of office furniture is changing. Bench desking is in high demand and its popularity is increasing.

Nowadays companies use flat screen monitors, slim line laptops or tablets, rather than the old bulky monitors traditional radial and wave desks were designed for. Rectangular bench desking is 20% smaller allowing for higher occupancy, offering cost reductions and dedicating extra space to file storage, meeting areas and breakout spaces.

The most expensive cost of a desk is its metal work. The simple design of bench desking allows for shared components such as intermediate legs and accessories, effectively reducing the overall cost. A joint system means cable trays and screens can be shared minimalizing the quantity and cost of items required. A run of benching in a large layout can have significant cost savings.

There are various bench options and designs to pick from. You can improve privacy with screens and accessories or encourage better posture and health with height adjustable versions. Company colours can also be tied in using carefully selected screen fabric, or colourful metal work, promoting a more professional look and feel to the office.

Studies show that it’s not just about saving money and the aesthetic impact bench desking can have on your company. People who feel the love at work perform better and are more driven. Bench desking allows managers to sit among colleagues and clients providing better communication and increasing team morale.  This shows that keeping up with the trend isn’t a bad thing.

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